Become a tenant

Tupsula is generally most interesting to sociable people who are active in the student community (such as in a guild or club). However, this does not mean that you must be an association veteran to be able to move in. Being interested in communal life and teekkari culture is more than enough.

There are two selection criteria for tenants:

  1. The applicant is a teekkari or teekkari-spirited. The applicant may also be a 1st year student.
  2. The Clan of Tupsula approves the applicant.

Please note that as a student house under the management of TOAS, you must fulfil TOAS’ criteria for eligibility, i.e. your studies must be full-time, lead to a diploma or degree and your place of study must be in Tampere or a nearby municipality. Exchange students are eligible to apply.

Applying as a tenant

To ensure successful communal life, the Clan of Tupsula – i.e. the current tenants – makes decisions on tenant applications. To apply, the person interested in moving submits a tenant application. You can fill and submit the tenant application here.

All applications are forwarded to all current tenants. We will reply to your application as soon as possible. If we have any vacancies and if the applicant is deemed a potential tenant based on their application, they are invited to introduce themselves at a Clan meeting in Tupsula.

Introducing yourself to the Clan

The introduction is an interview where current tenants ask the applicant questions and the applicant answers. Don’t stress this. The mood is light and there are no correct answers to the questions. We want to get to know the applicant face-to-face and to ensure that the applicant is still interested in moving in. At the end of the interview, the applicant gets to show off their best sides in the form of a performance. The performance may be active, passive or a combination of these two. Over the years, we have seen, heard and tasted all kinds of things, such as song performances, poetry reading, pastries and cakes, assorted practical tips and knowledge quizzes.

After the interview, the applicant is nearly always accepted as a tenant. The applicant is then instructed on how to make a rental agreement. The Clan may be able to help with the moving process. Once moved in, the new tenant is taught how the house operates. After a while, a spectacular Tupsula dipping will be organised, and the new tenant will officially become a member of the Clan.

What is it like to live in Tupsula?

Life in Tupsula is not as hectic as it may seem from the outside. The most important thing maintaining the spirit in the house is trust. We know that if we need help, we can ask a neighbour. We can leave our doors unlocked, because we know that others will respect our home and our personal space. The most common activities amongst tenants are volleyball, board games, having a coffee break together, visiting the sauna, watching movies and other fun socialising. Sometimes, we organise parties, but these are not part of our daily routine.

The Tupsula spirit can be summarised in the phrase “a home, not just a flat”. Tupsula offers its tenants a home where you are alone only when you want to be. If you’ve had a rough day, you can cheer yourself up having coffee with neighbours and if you get sick, neighbours will go to the pharmacy for you and offer suggestions on the best movies.